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Welcome to Monochrome, a boutique motion design studio that specializes in 2D animation, video post-production, explainer videos, and After Effects expression language and automation. Founded in 2012, we're a team of experienced and passionate creative professionals who specialize in crafting visually stunning animations that bring stories to life.

What we do.

At Monochrome, we like to take a "your motion design department" approach when working with our clients. This means that we don't just create one-off projects; we're interested in building long-term relationships with our clients, working closely with them to create high-quality motion design solutions that meet their needs.

We specialize in 2D animation, video post-production, explainer videos, and After Effects expression language and automation. Our team is based in Ukraine, and we take pride in the fact that all of our team members are local.

We don't outsource any of our work, except for some cases where we need to bring in outside help for things like voiceover or scriptwriting work.

We understand that every project is unique, so we take a personalized approach to working with our clients. We listen carefully to their needs and goals, and we collaborate closely with them throughout the entire process to ensure that we're delivering a motion design solution that exceeds their expectations.

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How we work.

Step 1. Conceptualize:
Tell us your vision so we can understand what you want to achieve. We'll work with you to develop an idea that will capture your audience and help you achieve your goals.

Step 2. Visualize:
We'll create a storyboard to help visualize how your idea will look in motion, making sure we capture the essence of your brand and message.

Step 3. Curate:
We'll source and curate the right assets that will help bring your vision to life. Our team of experts will choose the right music, sound effects, and visual elements to create a seamless and cohesive experience.

Step 4. Refine:
Once we have a draft of your motion design, we'll deliver it to you for feedback. We'll make any necessary revisions to ensure we're delivering a final product that aligns with your vision and meets your goals.

Step 5. Perfect:
After all the feedback has been incorporated, we'll add the final touches to your motion design, making sure every detail is perfect. We'll then deliver your finished product in the format of your choice, ready to be shared with your audience.

Let's see how we can help your business:


*"'I've had the pleasure of working with Monochrome over the last 2 years. During that time they had completed dozens of videos for our firm and have always delivered high-quality content, within deadlines and under budget.I highly recommend Monochrome for any video development work. Their communication, ability to work well under pressure, and design style make them all-star in their field. I'll be working with them again very soon!" *

Thomas Washam - Try It Now Training

*"Vlad and the Monochrome team are AMAZING! Seriously! SO creative! Fantastic communication! Prompt service. A joy to work with and the end-product is ALWAYS above and beyond our expectations! Thank you Vlad and the Monochrome Team!" *

Jennifer Curtis - EazyLlama

*"Monochrome did an outstanding job with 40+ projects they did for me in the last year.
Not only was communication on point, the Work was outstanding and of great Quality.
One thing was sure, Monochrome team put in the work to go the extra mile and they were always there when I needed them." *

Antal Vig - Say it Simple

*"It's been fantastic working with Monochrome again. They are super talented, understand the brief, deliver on time, and have fantastic communication along the way. I would highly recommend Monochorme and they are one of my go-to animation teams. Thank you again!" *

Tracey Hennah - My Engine Lab

Our Feed.

Our Services.

Custom 2D Animation.

We specialize in creating high-quality 2D animations that bring your ideas to life. Whether you need a short animated explainer video, a fun social media animation, or something else entirely, we've got you covered.

Video post-production.

We can help you take your raw video footage and turn it into a polished final product. Our team can handle everything from color grading and audio mixing to special effects and motion graphics.

Explainer videos.

We're experts at creating engaging, informative explainer videos that help your audience understand your products or services. We can handle every aspect of the process, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to animation and voiceover.

After Effects expression language and automation.

We specialize in using After Effects expression language and automation to create custom motion design solutions that are efficient and scalable.

Let's see how we can help your business:

Our Portfolio.

Creating animated video assets for Nordiva Tours

Nordiva Tours is a Norwegian tourist operator that offers guided tours and travel packages for tourists visiting Norway. As part of our work with Nordiva Tours, we were tasked with creating animated video assets that would showcase their tourist routes and destinations.Our main objective was to create engaging and informative animated maps that would highlight Nordiva Tours' various tourist routes. We wanted to showcase these routes in a variety of styles, including regular Google map style, satellite image animations, and vintage maps. Our aim was to make the maps visually appealing, easy to understand, and accessible to both digital and physical audiences. Additionally, we wanted to include photos and descriptions of every point of interest, to provide a more immersive experience for viewers.To create the video assets, we first conducted extensive research on the tourist routes and destinations offered by Nordiva Tours. We then created storyboards and mockups of the maps, selecting the appropriate style for each route. Next, we created animated maps using a combination of 2D and 3D animation techniques, incorporating photos and descriptions for each point of interest. Finally, we worked with Nordiva Tours to ensure that the assets could be used in various digital and physical locations, including tour buses and venues.Our animated video assets for Nordiva Tours have been highly successful in showcasing their tourist routes and destinations. The assets have been used in a variety of digital and physical settings, providing an engaging and informative experience for viewers. We have received positive feedback from Nordiva Tours and their clients, and we are proud to have contributed to their efforts to promote tourism in Norway.

Our continuing journey with EasyLlama

For the past several years, our team has had the privilege of working with EasyLlama, a compliance training provider. During this time, we have collaborated on nearly a hundred different projects, including the creation of animated videos based on their provided scripts, explainer videos, and a vast variety of different post-production work.One of the most unique aspects of our partnership with EasyLlama is our ability to work with minimal guidance, relying on their provided script and voiceover to produce high-quality videos that perfectly align with their vision. Our extensive experience with their team has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of their brand and style, enabling us to deliver on their assignments with minimal revisions.In addition to our animation work, we have also produced numerous explainer videos for EasyLlama. These projects required us to distill complex concepts and processes into easily understandable, visually appealing content. We have consistently delivered on this challenge, resulting in videos that are both engaging and informative.Furthermore, our team has provided post-production services for EasyLlama's videos, which include tasks such as keying, color grading, audio mixing, and adding visual effects. Our attention to detail and expertise in these areas has greatly enhanced the quality of their videos, ensuring that they effectively communicate their intended message.Overall, our work with EasyLlama has been a valuable experience for our team. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them and contributing to their success in the future.

Motion design partnership with Say It Simple

We were thrilled to collaborate with Say It Simple on a wide range of projects, providing our expertise in illustration and animation to help bring their clients' ideas to life. Working closely with Say It Simple's team, we created custom animations in both German and English that perfectly matched their vision and provided an engaging and dynamic visual experience for their clients.Throughout our collaboration, we were impressed by Say It Simple's professionalism and creativity, and we appreciated their detailed scripts and voiceovers, which helped guide our work. With our extensive experience in motion design, we were able to create illustrations and animations that perfectly captured the essence of each project.Our collaboration with Say It Simple was nearly flawless, with very few revisions needed throughout the process. We're proud to have been a part of their creative journey and are excited about the opportunity to continue collaborating with them in the future.

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Our Team.

Our team at Monochrome is made up of talented and experienced motion designers who are passionate about creating high-quality work. We take pride in the fact that all of our team members are local to Ukraine, and we work closely together to ensure that we're delivering the best possible solutions for our clients.We believe in collaboration, communication, and creativity, and we bring these values to every project we work on. We're dedicated to making sure that our clients are satisfied with the final product, and we're always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what's possible in motion design.

Let's see how we can help your business:

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